a porn production company called “dicks, etc.”

there’s a version of this with ten billion notes but idc: if you like me at all you better fuckin spell it out for me because i am clueless and/or without social skills as fuck so god damnit gotta be straight with me


i wish people had crushes on me 

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this bread tastes really salty for some reason


Older!RWBY portraits! And I liked Weiss’ portrait enough that I just didn’t draw one to match the set. Eeep. Thank you so much for the people who joined the stream!

These portraits are a thank you to all the many followers that have chosen to follow me and have stuck with me up to this point. You guys are amazing, I am not worthy, and you guys can’t fight me otherwise.

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how to: conquer soullessness 

how to: conquer soullessness 

Roxas: You did it!
Xion: Roxas, it worked!

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